‘Exceeded my expectations. I have new confidence to facilitate groups, to take a proactive approach to worksite conflict and to contribute effectively in groups.'
PC, Natural Resources
Management Council.

‘I have been really impressed with every aspect of the course. I have a very short attention span and tend to pick up most things fairly quickly and then get impatient to move on to the next task. This didn’t occur at all during the course. I felt challenged and engaged all the way through.’
Cl ,Corporate Planner,
City of Playford.

‘Excellent. Off the scale!  Every minute was very worthwhile. I learnt so much about myself and others, as well as the skills of facilitation.’  
LD, Dept for Environment
and Heritage.

‘Incredibly useful. Can tell you I’ll be using all these skills in the future.’
EE, Local Action Planning.

‘So many times I have been to courses only to feel at the end that I have slept through most of it and have learnt very little. The challenging nature of the tasks and the exercises meant that I have taken away so much.’
GB, Environment Protection





‘The best training I’ve ever done!’  

     KT, SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board